Get great property management, protected by our guarantees.
30-Day Guarantee Rental Guarantee
We guarantee to find a quality tenant for your rental home in less than 30 days, or the first month of management fees are waived!
Pay for Results Guarantee
We don't charge you a single penny until we find you a qualified tenant... no cash out of your pocket.
"Fair Price" Guarantee
If you can find a lower fee to manage your property in writing, we will match it (As long they do not charge additional fees).
Happiness Guarantee
If for any reason you are not completely happy with our services and want to leave us, you may cancel your property management agreement without penalty with 30-days notice.
3 Month Moneyback Guarantee
If you change your mind about working with us, get a full refund of all management fees for up to 3 months.
Leasing Guarantee
Our leasing guarantee states that if a tenant does not fulfill at least 9 months of a lease term, we will find a new tenant for free.
Eviction Guarantee
If a screened tenant placed by PMI ever has to be evicted, we will be responsible for the eviction process including the costs or fees associated with eviction, up to $2000.
On-Time Rent Guarantee
When a tenant pays rent on-time we promise to have your owner’s payment in your account within 10 business days. If not, we will give you back that month’s management fee.
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