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YesiRent is great! Travis, Amber, and the rest of the team have been managing my rental properties for about 3 years. They all provide excellent service and expertise that I've been able to rely on. I have no complaints and highly recommend their service.
John King
I like Yes I Rent a lot. They’re solid people that do the job. I’ve been with them for close to two years now, and they’re a company that really cares about their clients. They’ve effectively (and quickly might I add) evicted the non-paying tenants I inherited from the initial purchase of the property. In addition, they increased rents in all my units to market value, which is a huge deal because the property went from costing me money to making me money! And their screening process is very thorough. They really placed great people in my property that not only pay their rent on time every month but also take care of the place. I ask a lot of questions, and they’re always patient and transparent with me. I’d highly recommend them. They do good business. They’re ethical, and I feel like I can trust them.
Karlyn Exantus
I have been with the Bravo management team for a year. I started with 1 property and soon entrusted them with two more. They have clear professional processes in place to address the needs of tenants and owners. Whenever I've needed help understanding something, they have consistently replied to my inquiries promptly and remained engaged until I have understood clearly and have been satisfied with their answer or we have come to an agreeable solution. As an out of state owner, I enjoy the peace of mind having my properties managed by The Bravo Group.
Pyrrha Rivers
We have trusted the team at YesiRent Property Management for over ten years. They are competent and trustworthy professionals. We have been truly grateful for their hard work in caring for our homes.
Bryan Dunker
Wow! What a refreshing and professional experience. It’s hard in today’s market to find companies that really care and make you feel like your business is important, but yes Iran does just that. I recommend yes I rent to friends, family and people I’ve just met. It’s just great to see a company doing it right for a change.
William Gilmer
YesiRent/Bravo Group manages several rentals for me. Over the last few years, my tenant turnover has been almost non-existent. Because they are keeping the properties occupied, my rent-ready costs have gone down. I'm now able to redirect those funds and improve the value of my homes by making other capital improvements. Great job, guys!
Kristine Gilmer
I have been with Lighthouse Rentals, which is now YesiRent, for approximately 10 years as an owner of a rental home. I have been very satisfied with Travis, Amber and the rest of the team, thus my long term relationship. I have found that they try very hard to be an honest broker for both me and the tenant. Any time a tenant has had a problem, they have proven time and again to be very responsive to their needs and timely with any repairs. And on that note, they communicate with me very timely on any repair needed and if I have a question and initiate the communication, they consistently get back to me within 24 hours, and most of the time, the same day. All in all, I am very pleased with my relationship with the team at YesiRent and recommend them highly, whether you are a property owner like me, looking for someone reliable to manage your property and screen potential tenants, or if you are a renter looking for a responsive landlord.
Jill Luckett
Been managing my home for awhile. The payments are always prompt and my property appears well taken care of. Always good at answering my responses and helpful facilitating any repairs for the tenant. I will continue to use them and would recommend.
Rob Thompson
Havin YesiRent take over management of my rental property was the best move I could have made. No more worrying with the day to day problems of issues or tenants. This is a load off of me and they have been great. Their portal is easy to read and keeps me informed at all times on my property.
Jim Monahan
Bravo Group/ YesiRent have been managing my properties sine 2013. Because I live out of state, I really appreciate the peace of mind knowing my properties are in such great hands.
Susan Sadlier
This company has done a fantastic job managing my rental homes. Very attentive and takes care of any issues quickly. I highly recommend them! Tenants always seem pleased too.
Patrick D
"I am an out of state property owner and use YESiRent Property Management to manage my rental property. Their service is outstanding and honest. It is nice to know living on the other side of the country that I do not have to worry about anything. They are always prompt about getting back to me with any issues and have never had a problem. Basically, I trust them and have a peace of mind lving so far away."
Stephen Dawson
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