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As a home owner I'm so proud we hired them for our management needs. You guys amazing and professional. Great start of business. Would highly recommend
Otavia Feredi
My properties were a huge mess before I found C&C Property Management. I wanted to save money and thought I can manage them all on my own, but eventually everything went bad. C&C Property Management really took on a huge role to get my properties back running how they were suppose to. They offer great pricing and the work they do is unbelievable, they are very professional and organized. I no longer have to worry about any of my properties or tenants they manage it all! Such a pleasure working with them!
Gustavo Aguilar
I am so happy with the professional services that C&C has given since transferring from my other property management company. My property had been mismanaged for over 5 years and my home was in need of some serious repairs. C&C took over and did an amazing job i have no complaints and if i do they take care of it right away with no hesitation.
Robyn Tittle
After my first attempt to rent out a single family property in C&C Property Management for close to 3 months, I contacted My. Kyle. he was thorough, timely, and informative in her response. Within a few days of signing listing agreement, he brought multiple interested parties and almost all of them seemed to be well qualified. It took about a week or so to choose my tenants and close the deal. It was a smooth ride and I highly recommend Mr. Kyle.
Roberta Mindelsin
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