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I’ve been working with Kerry at Ardent Trust to manage my Westport property for the last six months and have had a great experience working with her. Kerry oversaw converting my old house into a rental property, finding tenants, and managing the day-to-day rental. She is very responsive, courteous, and professional. When problems inevitably do crop up, she is quick to brainstorm creative and cost-saving solutions. She is always finding ways to save time and money for her clients and has a large database of vendors and contractors to draw from for repairs and other projects. Her rates are very reasonable and competitive for the area.
Theo Wilson
I found Ardent Trust through a google search this past January. Kerry responded immediately and continues to do so 9 months later! She helped us with the process of managing our 12 units as we cleaned up the property and filled the units with wonderful tenants. She's been there for any issues that have come up and gives great advice on how to handle the situation. Together we troubleshoot and I appreciate her honesty and patience. It's been great to have someone like her on our team. I have high hopes for our property as they were in shambles when acquired. Slowly but surely we are making progress!
Barbara Ventura
Kerry at Ardent Trust Property Management went extra miles to win the management business initially and is doing a great job communicating with me the owner and the tenant to address any issues afterwards. She provides good documentation and succinct monthly statement to greatly facilitate tax preparation and other record keeping. She is both thorough and efficient and is a pleasure to work with.
Yongdong Wang
Ardent trust has been great, I highly recommend them! They've taken over all the responsibilities of being a landlord and do a great job insulating their clients from the day to day. Very professional interactions.
Andrew Silverman
I have been using Ardent Trust since March 2020, even during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been very helpful and professional. I never have to call back or send double emails because they are really good at responding the first time. I would recommend them to anyone in the Northeastern states.
D'Ante Smith
Handled all of my property management concerns as a first-time landlord. Explained everything thoroughly and dealt with some very difficult situations with ease and effectiveness on my behalf. Kerry is professional, personable and reliable - just what you need when entrusting your property to someone else. Highly recommend!
Gina M
Has been a pleasure working with the Ardent Trust team over the past year. I was having tenant troubles and they took over property management with their professional expertise and great network of contractors in the area. Highly recommend!
Muyiwa Adeyeye
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