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David and Brittany especially did a great job in getting my place rented. They made everything easy for a great value. Their team of contractors were quick to respond to some minor repairs at a fair price. I'd highly recommend them. After the first year I reiterate the 5 stars. They have made my property profitable and stress free.
Nick Seglie
Great experience so far with GKHouses. Britany did a great job on- boarding my property and David has done an excellent job explaining the process and taking care of any issues that have come up. Would definitely recommend GKHouses!
Amy Martel
We have been working with Ted Strane for 8 years as our property manager, and can't thank you enough for what he did for our property. He handled everything so great. He is very professional and very responsive in handling any related matter with tenant, vendor, HOA, work order, etc.
Ken Huang
In real estate it’s: location. In property management it’s: the individual. I am so pleased that Tyler Wilson is the Evernest Property Manager for my Denver condo. She has shown me her ability to manage the owner, tenant relationship professionally and with respect for all parties. She alerts me with Evernest services that are available to keep my property “healthy”, well maintained and hopefully my tenant happy. She is quick and thorough in her email communications. I look forward to developing a lasting partnership with her.
Catherine Binder
We had an issue with a past tenant at our rental property and I very much appreciate the work that David Soles and Evernest provided. David has been extremely responsive, professional and went way above and beyond to help us with the transition to a new tenant. I would recommend Evernest and specifically David Soles to anyone with rental property management needs!
Brian Sweet
David has kept me informed of any issues that have come up with my tenants and been very responsive to my own questions. Highly recommend.
Kosta Callas
We’ve been very satisfied with the value and performance of this team. In particular, David has been very responsive to our needs as the homeowner. Highly recommended.
Lonnie Carlson
I always found David to be very responsive and pleasant to deal with. From an owner's perspective, I was very pleased with their management of my unit.
Kim D
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