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Patron Property Management has been managing our property for the past 3+ years since we moved out. Rob and Delight made the process to prep our townhome and get renters quick and easy for us. Tracie is on top of coordinating with us when necessary and facilitating communication between our tenants and ourselves. Their communication is wonderful and their prices are reasonable. I cannot say how much we appreciate working with them!
Renee Ma
Rob and Delight have been managing my home since 2015. I have received my rent every single month since I have hired them. There has only been one vacancy since hiring them and during that time they had my home painted, installed new carpet, and had it rented out in about four weeks. My property has continued to provide income all these years and I haven’t had to deal with any tenants. I couldn’t be happier.
Kylee Stewart
The Patron Property Management team provides great service. They are bright and friendly and very enthusiastic and I have enjoyed working with them. I appreciate receiving the monthly statements with the detailed information about expenditures. I’m happy to recommend them for anyone looking for a good property management company.
Lisa Schreiber
The day I met Delight Sittman and Rob Sittman, the days of a challenging rental were over. I never knew things could be so easy! With a former PM I was called and asked about everything and went through numerous tenants. With Patron they take care of things seamlessly! I honestly believe it's why tenants stay as their needs are met immediately. Since Patron took over my rental their first placement has been with us 3-1/2 years and, to my knowledge, have no intention to move. I LOVE PATRON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT!
Joan Kaneshiro
Disclosure: I'm a homeowner and we're 1 month into the business relationship. Also, this is the first time I've hired a Property Management Company so I'm not sure what one would generally expect. That said, DMS has been great. They found a tenant at an appropriate price point with only ~10 days notice and were incredibly responsive during the process. Rob has been particularly hands on and helped work with me coordinating schedules and necessary repairs. At this point, I'd recommend them and will be sure to update my review for better or worse in the future.
Ardeshir Pezeshk
I have been using DMS Property Management for several years now, I am always happy when my monthly check is deposited into my personal bank account. Using a property manager to take care of a single family house is a great way to take the pressure of dealing with tenants out of the rental property equation. The staff at DMS is great about taking care of repairs and the only time I hear from the City is when they tell me that the property has onec again won a beautification award.
Daniel Cassara
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