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I own a townhouse in Florida, that the Bianchi Team has managed for me for the last seven years. The Bianchi Team has maintained the same tenant and coordinated any repairs needed in a timely manner. The vendors the Bianchi Team uses are always reasonably priced and do a great job. I like the fact that my contract allows the Team to go ahead and order repairs without waiting to track me down, as I am in a different time zone, and emergency repairs often can't wait to track me down. I have a very busy schedule and can't always get to my calls, so the fact that Brenda's leasing agent gets right to coordinating repairs is important to me.
Jennifer C.
We weighed our options for a property manager in the Pinellas County area when we recently purchased our first investment property. We settled on Bianchi because to us they stood out in a number of areas. SERVICE - they were and to this minute, very available to me for any questions. RESULTS - they rented our house in two weeks for exactly the price we requested. COMMUNICATION - I never have to wonder about the status of our tenant, the house, or any situations. They have an awesome app profile as well. Easy call guys, we are very happy!
Mark A.
We used Brenda to find our investment property in Florida over 6 years ago. Her attention to detail and ability to take time to show us any unit we wanted to see gave us the insight into the area that we needed. During our search we all ended up loving 1 particular unit over everything. And Brenda did everything possible to make this unit ours. We lived over 2000 miles away, and Brenda took care of all aspects of the sale. Needless to say, this unit not only helped create many family memories with our children, but it has become such a staple in our real-estate portfolio, outperforming our other rentals by a wide margin. We could not have been happier with her professionalism and attention to details to make a "remote investor" feel comfortable.
Kara Morella
Bianchi Reality managed my rental home for over 8 years and when we sold they found a buyer within weeks and the process went very smoothly making us a nice profit.
Sandy Pettigrew
Brenda and her team (Brian, Sandy, Chad, John, and Brittany) have been managing our vacation rental since November 2018 and have all been instrumental in making it a success. They have always looked out for our best interests and have kept us informed. Highly recommended!
Malia Parfitt
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