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"After the headache of our previous management company, Authority Property Management is a breath of fresh air. We know things will get done within a very timely manner both for us and our tenants. We are confident in their abilities to get things done. We don't have to call weekly to find out what's going on, we don't have to manage the finances, we don't have to personally talk to each tenant to find out what has or hasn't gotten done or completed. We can finally step back, relax, and concentrate on our family and our home. We cannot be more thankful to Authority for being so professional and on top of things."
Korie Jean
I was looking for a Property Management Company on My Local Area, I first went to Authority's Website and previewed all pages. I found the Website to be professional and well done. I decided to Call and spoke with Arron we set an appointment to view my property for listing for Rent. I wasn't quite ready to rent it, so Arron followed up again 3 weeks later. Still not prepared to rent, he followed up again 3 weeks later. I soon decided to Sale the property rather than rent it. Arron was gracious and above all else PROFESSIONAL. I would not hesitate having Authority manage my property. I highly recommend this company
Berry Curtis
The folks at property management have literally helped me to save my property. I am very grateful for all of the help and insights Aaron and Joline have provided. Together we spruced up the house, found good tenants, and have turned a loss into a gain. Highly recommend this teams services.
Agapé Sunlight
Authority Property Management is hands down the best company in the North State to have your property looked after and managed. They have an amazing crew and are always helpful and professional. The owners are very "forward looking" and provide guidance before, during and after the contract is even signed! Aaron and Jolene have saved me time and money in the past years. Best part of this amazing company..... Home grown and still operated by locals! They take a personal interest in your well being!! Best of the North State!!!!!
scott graves
So glad to have these professional people here to help me manage my property. They relieve the stress of managing on my own. Thank you, APM!
Pamela Carney
Love having them manage my properties. From the first conversation I had with Aaron, I could tell that they were a trustworthy organization. Thank you APM!
Nathan Shankles
We have been with Authority Property Management for many years and they have been so very helpful in Managing our property. Aaron, Joline, Laurel and all the staff has been wonderful but Hanna has especially been amazing in helping us get ready to sell our house. We appreciate it all so much! Thank you so much Authority Property Management
Carol Martin
Awesome. First time using a property management company and all I can say is Aaron at Authority Property Management took care of us from start to finish. Finding and veting great renters, and everything else that goes into being a landlord. Big load off our back, and at a great price. Thanks to the team at Authority Property Management.
Kyle Hester
Aaron, his wife, and the team at Authority are fabulous at customer service. They managed my property for years and made it really easy on me by taking care of all the little things, and then always following up with updates. I am grateful I was referred to them at the time I was in need! Also, their rates are very competitive! You cannot go wrong using this team!
Angels Sales
Best Property Management Ever... I recommend APM without hesitation, and for so many reasons. My top priorities are: 1. Solving problems - e.g. getting things fixed properly and without delay (APM is prompt and gets excellent prices from contractors because they do a lot of volume). 2. Avoiding problems - APM is thoroughly knowledgeable about the law; and Aaron (owner) is a leader who expects his people to be both forthright and RESPECTFUL to the tenants (OUR customers) as well as the owners; so critical IMHO. 3. Really going the extra mile - quick example: My (recently deceased) parents had done an abysmal job managing their own rentals before I talked them into letting APM handle them (I had switched to APM myself a couple years earlier because my previous property management wasn't up to par). Months after APM took over, the city levied a fine from some contracting work my parents had done about a year before (where the permits had not been closed). APM investigated, dealt with the contractor - got them to go back out to ensure work was completed; and then got them to agree to reimburse us for the fine! APM also reported back to us that the same contractor had open permits on my parents' personal residence that would become fines if not dealt with soon. Because of APM, the contractors contacted us, so they could make sure that other work was properly taken care of and the permits closed. This is just a great team. BTW, I have to add that I found one of my tenants posted a 5-star review... as an owner that really makes MY day. Thanks again!
Ken Brewer
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