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I hired Justin at PMI to manage my home and he has been a Heaven-send. Justin has been extremely responsive anytime I call or email. For a long time I was hesitant to hire a property manager because I didn’t think it was worth money. From my experience, the peace of mind and reduced hassle of hiring PMI is well worth it.
Robert Sittman
Justin was simply amazing from start to finish to have our rental rented with an approved tenant. If you are looking to have your property manganed by a motivated and professional company, PMI American River is definitely the best!!
Ricardo Caires
We recently bought an investment property in East Sacramento and have the pleasure of partnering with Justin at PMI American River. We have been overjoyed with his professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness, and most importantly, his ability to help us find quality tenants. From the beginning, Justin has exemplified all of the qualities we were seeking from a property manager. He has extensive knowledge of the housing/rental market and brought real data/analytics to help us determine the appropriate rental value. He also has a very calm, patient, and caring approach to how he interacts with us which we appreciate greatly. We highly recommend working with PMI American River.
Carla Baja
I have been working with Justin Frank only for a few months, but he has impressed the pants off me! He has been extremely helpful, efficient, and thorough in handling the management of my rental property. His process for vetting potential tenants seems to be very detailed and fool-proof. Above and beyond that, I am very impressed by his knowledge, his expertise, and his willingness to answer all my questions in detail with reason, logic, and explanation. He is very responsive to all calls and texts and returns all calls within a couple of hours. Regardless of what day or time it was, he goes above and beyond to quickly resolve the problem. In fact, at one time when a housecleaner was need urgently...he offered to clean it himself instead of my having to pay $300 for emergency cleaning services. I absolutely love the way he gives me “advice” based on MY situation and MY needs. Its not about him...but what’s in MY best interest. Justin cares about his “clients”.....he cares about the house that’s being rented out...he cares about the investment that landlords have made and wants to ensure they can see the value and the ROI from their properties. I highly recommend Justin Frank to anyone looking for a professional and hard-working property manager!
Tara Gupta
Rated 4.7 on Google
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