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Raquel B. was absolutely a breath of fresh air! She exhibits a strong dedication to providing exceptional customer service to potential tenants in addition to her expedient communication skills which are immensely appreciated! She is an extremely valuable asset to the Nexus company and deserves recognition for her commitment to tenants and their overall experience! Kudos! I am beyond grateful to have connected with her as she has made the process of acquiring a rental property stress-free and undoubtedly pleasant. Keep up the wonderful work, it is noticed and recognized!
Rachel Lee
Nexus has stepped up to the plate with an affordable management service that has met every need. The management has handled customer relations with an effective personal touch. The management was able to staff up to take over management on the first day. They handled an overnight emergency two weeks into their service by assuming on-site presence immediately and informing owners within hours.
Robin J.
We used them to help rent our single family home and condo. They were able to rent both for more than we expected and held our hands through the process. We moved out of state and were debating on selling or renting, but had very little time to make a decision so took a lot of stress off of us in not having to pay two mortgages.
Gary M.
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