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I found Jon and Five Star through my boyfriend. Jon and his team have been great! I am new to property management and recently just rented my house so my main point of contact has been Jon. Jon is very approachable, personal, professional, honest, flexible, extremly kind and is on the ball. After my first check, Jon emailed me to make sure the first statement was good and if I had any questions. He is very easy to get a hold of whether that is by email, texting or calling. I trust my house to be in Jon's hands and appreciate him and his team!
Nicky B.
Working with John and his staff as Five Star has been amazing. I travel a lot, so am not around to manage my properties or even talk on the phone. I communicate with them mostly by email, and they're on the ball. The staff shoots me a short email when something happens, and lets me know how they plan to fix it. Then then take care of it. I get my statement each month, on time, with everything itemized. Worth every penny! Having worked with other property management companies in the past, it's nice to get some real value out of Five Star. Highly recommended!
Roderick B.
As the owner of a single rental, Five Star has been a Godsend. I live in another town and they deal with everything, six months checks, plumbing issues, etc.. John and the team deal with them quickly and well. They've also found me great rates on yard work and handyman services. Lastly, they've found me great renters, who pay on time and take good care of my property. They've saved me far more than their monthly fees in their careful vetting. I highly recommend their services.
Barbara Caine
"I'm not a DIY type of guy, and as a property owner, Five Star has made my life a lot easier. Most importantly, they are pro-active in getting issues fixed. A stove broke? Here's your options for repairs and cost. Trees overgrown? We can hire some for this price, or you can recommend someone. They have also given me helpful advice from time to time on a variety of issues that popped up. It's great that I can actually get email responses quickly when I have questions or concerns. I used to work with another company and getting them to respond to emails or phone calls was hit and miss. I also really like that i can view all my monthly statements online, and that they do six-month walkthroughs with thorough reports. Overall, the price I pay to have Five Star manage my properties is well worth saving the time I would spent having to do all of the work myself."
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