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I brought on Nomadic to manage my old apartment that I rent-out. Having Nomadic on board gives me the peace of mind to know that they will handle anything that comes up. It's good for my tenant and good for me. I have nothing but positive things to say and I highly recommend them!
Aaron Tax
Nomadic has been managing my row house in DC for about 5 years. Both my renters and I have been extremely happy with the them. I live oversees, so good communication and trust are my highest priorities with a management company. Nomadic has done superbly with both. When something is broken, my renters easily place a work order that is responded to in quick order. I've found their management and repair costs very reasonable. The company's online portal is easy to use and let's me track everything I need to in order to track costs, the year end statements are also extremely helpful. I highly recommend this company!
Matthew Percival
"Let me start off by saying that before we had the pleasure of working with nomadic, we had our property on the market for 6 months. And yes, I get it, we are in the middle of a pandemic, but to be honest the folks we had managing this for us previously were probably not the best fit. Then we found nomadic. We did our homework, looked at different property management companies in DC and had calls with 3 different providers. A big deciding factor for us to go with nomadic was Phoebe. She was highly, personable, responsive, and professional. Corey and John were both very helpful and guided us through the on boarding process very smoothly. Lastly I have to give a special shout out to Jenna and the leasing team. Once we switched to nomadic Jenna found us a high quality tenant within 27 days. Jenna was very attentive, responsive and professional. Overall we are thrilled with nomadics execution and guidance during the rental property process and preformed exceptionally regardless of the current market challenges. I would highly recommend nomadic to any property owner looking for a exceptional property management company in the DMV."
Nicholas Flores
Devin and the entire Nomadic team is hands down the most responsive, professional, and reliable property management team I have interacted with on multiple occasions. With Nomadic, they don’t only excel on customer service and attentiveness before they have the business but they give the same level of service well after the business is won. Nomadic certainly ensures that your feel you have the right property management group that will not only protect your property as if it was their own but ensures the experience mimics that of a hospitality professional/company. We will continue you go back to Nomadic for not only property management needs but also for acquisition support in the Washington, DC region.
Andrew Genova
We worked with Nomadic to prepare our unit for rental. We had a change of situation on our end, so we didn't end up renting the unit. However every interaction we had with Nomadic was positive-- they were prompt and clear in their communications with us, and they were very understanding when we decided not to rent our unit. We highly recommend working with them.
Duncan McElfresh
We have been very happy with Nomadic as our property manager. They have been managing our property in DC for several years now. They are professional and quick to respond to any issues that arise. What we always really appreciate is that when some misunderstandings or difficulties surface, Nomadic reps do their best to mediate and find an optimal solution for all parties involved.
Anna Mariano
My husband and I can’t say enough positive things about the company. Working with Nomadic has been a truly wonderful experience over the last two years. Everyone we have interacted with there is a highly skilled professional. The company took amazing care of ensuring that the process of renting out our home was smooth and efficient. Communication was always prompt. When it came to assisting us with the eventual sale of our home, the process was once again streamed lined and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the end result. Paperwork and logistics issues we encountered, were immediately addressed. Attention to details is absolutely on top of their list. We would work with Nomadic again in a heartbeat. Highly recommend.
Natalia GV
For many years, I self-managed my rental property. I just as well have picked a sword fight with Zorro, while using a straight pin. Then, I was approached by Nomadic Realty and they absolutely relieved me of the property management headache. They are responsive, detailed and highly professional. In the 5 Years they have managed my property it has been vacant a total of 6 days. That's right - no typo here. I have to pay the turnover crew overtime, in order to meet my new tenant's move in. Speaking of tenants, in five years I have never received a late payment - NEVER. This is a tribute to their due-diligence screening of tenants and their pool of resources. Well, i guess you can tell that I am pretty happy. I would highly recommend that you join my happy camp.
Rick Harris
"The last thing I ever wanted to be was a landlord. Ever! Last thing! But once my work took me out of town it became impossible to schedule contractors/repairs for tenants who have their own schedules and their own lives and busy careers. We tried and it didn’t work. So I started looking for management companies, and believe me, they aren’t all equal. I made the decision to go with Nomadic and it’s been one of my best calls. They’re there for my tenants 24/7 and there for me when I need them. They let me know when I need to get involved, but handle everything else in the background so I never have to think about my home that is 4 states away. Nomadic is professional and reliable and the peace of mind they give me is invaluable. Five stars from me."
Mark TolsonFox
"As a client, I never learned the value of a good property manager until I really needed them to come through. Especially with regard to the leasing team, my experience with Nomadic has been a professional, responsive, and proactive one. In one scenario, the risk of a vacancy in the winter months was high, and I relied on Nomadic to negotiate a lease break while simultaneously marketing my property in the midst of the pandemic. Jenna's leasing team proactively offered me guidance and laid out my options as they handled the whole process smoothly and effectively. Nomadic has certainly earned my trust as a client. I would highly recommend them to prospective owners looking for property managers who come through when things get tough. In addition, the turnover team lead by Joe is sure to impress with high-quality repairs and delivery on owner-set objectives. The place always looks perfect for new tenants and I've thus far been able to implement incremental improvements at the same time. With my first tenants, I was active about soliciting feedback regarding Nomadic, and they never once complained about their service or their experience. My only complaint as a client has been occasional hiccups with the accounting team, particularly during the onboarding process. Once through those initial bumps, it has become a non-issue. I would, again, highly recommend Nomadic Real Estate."
Jesse Rines
Nomadic has been doing a great job maintaining my property in Silver Spring for the past 5 years. I would recommend them to anyone for all real estate needs.
glendy morales
"Our sincere appreciation for managing our rentals over the last 4 years. We could not have managed without your services. We benefited from Nomadic's timely and aggressive marketing strategies, whenever a tenant gave notice to move. Consistently, Nomadic had a new lease agreement in place with a new tenant/s before our existing tenant/s had actually vacated their unit. Nomadic rendered sound recommendations regarding both rental pricing and negotiations for tenants wanting to renew their lease. Turn overs and repairs were done in a timely manner and cost effective manner. Having the same experienced repair persons and turn over crew available resulted in excellent and consistent workmanship and familiarity with our units over the years. Nomadic also had an easy system for outsourced repair persons to access a unit when necessary without any inconvenience to our tenants. Nomadic's 24/7 portal system for tenants to email any problems within their unit was user friendly with a copy of the work request being automatically forwarded to the owner was informative. Likewise, we appreciated receipt of each work order when completed and closed out. Nomadic's monthly accounting and disbursement timeframe to owners is a major advantage by comparison to other companies that we've interviewed. Nomadic's monthly report and rent proceeds disbursements to owners is within 3 business days after the 1st of the month in the majority of cases. If the disbursements were late this is more of an exception than a rule and in this case the proceeds would reach the owner no later than 4-5 business days after the first. Again, this is not the norm. Reaching Nomadic is not only easy to do via email but a response acknowledging receipt of your email is immediate and a Nomadic team representative is reasonably prompt with an answer to address the concern. Bottom line, our company highly recommends Nomadic Real Estate for their property management services."
Devarda Jones
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