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Professional property management from $89 a month.
Easy cancellation. Cancel anytime with zero penalties.
We'll rent your home in 4 weeks or less... or you'll get a month of management free!
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Rated 4.8 (760 reviews)
Our Team
"They Were Able to Sign a Lease Within 4 Days"
I had my property listed through 1836 and I am very glad to say that they were able to sign a lease with a tenant within 4 days of listing on the market. And this was during the end of holidays season and with the pandemic still around.
Aditya Nukala
"I Often Forget I Have Investment Properties"
I often forget I have investment properties, which means Matt and his team are doing a wonderful job. From tenant placement/screening to repair orders to getting us our rent checks every month, their process is seamless.
Barrett Raven
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Why 1836 Property Management Might Be a Good Fit for You

Fixed Rate Pricing Starting at $89 a month

No guesswork, no hidden fees. It's easy to tell what our professional services will cost you.

We Have Pretty Great Reviews

We've made some owners happy; we have 759 Google reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Cancel Anytime, No Charge

We think if you try us, you'll like us. But if not? You can cancel our contract at any time with NO cancellation fee.

We'll Rent Your Home in 4 Weeks or Less, Guaranteed

We'll rent your home in 4 weeks or less... or you'll get a month of management free!

We're From Austin (Which is Where Your Property Is, Right?)

Our offices are in Austin. We live in Austin. We know Austin. Some of our competitors want to manage your Austin home... from a cubical in another state, Is that what YOU want?
Flat Rate Pricing with No Hidden Fees

Rates Starting at $89 a month

Every investment property and investor are different, which is why we have multiple plans. Request a quote below to find the right fit for your rental.

What We Can Do for You & Your Rental Property

We can take the hassle of management off your hands, but still keep it protected & bringing in money for you.
All Plans Include:

Legal & Compliance

Minimize your risk with our expertise in local property and rental laws.

Financial Management

Timely rent collection, bill payment, and income disbursement.

Extensive Property Marketing

Obtain the highest market rental rate with advertising on 60+ sites.

Proven Tenant Screening

Perfected over the 12+ years with an eviction rate less than 0.5%.

Maintenance & Property Care

Handled by licensed, insured, and trusted vendors who treat your property well.

Real Time Reporting

Keep up to date on your return-on-equity performance, all online.
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Get the most money from your rental home by getting a local experts advice.
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"We've generated income, we've generated new value, but we didn't do any of the work. They're like like 24 hours, on the spot, weekends, the responses, the things that they do... they've delivered to everything we wanted to work out our plans."
Patrick Otte

Award Winning Services

Our Guarantees

Guarantees that protect you and your property.

Rent Your Home in 4 Weeks Guaranteed

We'll rent your home in 4 weeks or less... or you'll get a month of management free!

Pet Protection Guarantee

If pet damages exceed the security deposit your tenants have on file we'll guarantee up to $2500 in additional coverage to make it right.

60 Day Moneyback Guarantee

If a tenant we place for you must be removed, we'll replace them free for up to 6 months.

Easy Cancellation Guarantee

We are so confident you will be happy with us that we allow you to cancel anytime with zero penalties.

6 Month Tenant Guarantee

If a tenant must be removed, we'll replace them free for up to 6 months.

Fair Price Guarantee

If you can find a lower fee to manage your property in writing, we will match it (As long they do not charge additional fees).
1836 Property Management
1704 ½ South Congress Avenue
Suite E Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 580-8121
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We are your full-service rental property management partner. From your initial purchase to the day-to-day management of your rental asset, we got you covered. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or the owner of one rental home, we take the hassles and worry of being a landlord off your shoulders. Both owners and tenants appreciate our knowledge of the local market and the personalized attention they get from our friendly, local team. We take care of your property so that you can minimize your risk and maximize your profits. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to partner with you. We manage all kinds of properties: Residential homes, condominiums, HOAs, duplex / multi-family.

Tenant Screening. As your rental agency, we carefully screen each application to ensure only the best tenants. We use background & financial checks to keep you and your house safe. Ongoing Maintenance. We help keep your rental home in great condition with our maintenance professionals. We respond to requests quickly, coordinate repairs, and keep your home healthy in the long run. We collect rent too. Stop chasing down late payments. We handle rent collection for you, making sure payments are received on time. We process income fast and send it to your account. We inspect your property regularly. Worried about what's happening with your rental? We frequently inspect your home to make sure tenants are taking care of it.

We offer financial reporting. Never deal with another painful tax season. We put together detailed reports for your review each month. We provide 24/7 access to our online portal. And if you’re feeling nervous about handling a rotten tenant alone, we can walk you through an eviction and legally protect your assets in the process. Don't get in legal trouble. Insurance, housing requirements, and HOA regulations can be hard to handle. We help you stay compliant.