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I can't say enough about my experience with Keyrenter, Mat, and Carrie. I live in Nashville but own some property in Tulsa and have worked with both of them. They've made the entire process easy, been completely accessible when I had issues. Mat is always there for a quick phone or text check-in, and definitely puts his clients first. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to own rental properties!
Jonathan Gluck
I own properties across multiple states but none of the property managers I work with in other states are nearly as competent, diligent, and available as the team at Keyrenter Tulsa. The team there has been able to identify good opportunities for me and help me invest to turn them around. Amazing stuff and I couldn’t be happier with their service.
Shawn Schlessel
Keyrenter is a great property management group! The managers here communicate and work with their tenants, contractors, and owners better than any group i have worked with before. This is a great company, highly recommend.
Barnabas Whitaker
"☆☆☆☆☆ We strongly recommend Keyrenter to other investors and property owners who are looking for a highly communicative, capable, dependable, inclusive, and responsive team to manage their residential property. Keyrenter took over management of our distressed, half-occupied, 14-unit multi-family apartment building at the beginning of this year. Under previous management we had been cash negative for 19 consecutive months, with little hope of getting our heads above water. It is amazing that the Keyrenter team was able to get the building cash positive in only 90-120 days. They deployed a multi-prong solution to ensure that the financials of the building improved and were very strategic in their decision-making and on what improvements to make. It has been 9 months since they took over managing our property and we now have a 100% fully-occupied, cash-flowing building. We’re confident they would have reached this goal sooner, if our cash reserves had not been so depleted from the previous management company’s mistakes. Keyrenter has demonstrated their capabilities and exceeded our expectations. Frankly, their competence has given us peace of mind and greater financial security. Thank you Antonio, Mat, Nohely, and Robert for all of your support and dedication to our shared vision! We look forward to working with you on future projects."
Jason Holstein
Mat is frankly the best property Manager I have ever worked with. I live in Israel and I have been investing in U.S real estate for a long time now. I have tried 5 property management companies, Before I started working with Key-Renter 2 years ago. I can say with full conviction that you will not find any other company that will give the personal attention, the fast and reliable service that Key Renter will give you. And most importantly Key Renter is trustworthy... one of the most significant features any investor should look for in a property managing companies.
Raja Khouri
"I would give Keyrenter, owner Mat Zalk, and my rental agent Kristen a hundred stars if possible. I had a rental property that was so run down from years of neglect and bad tenants. I had used another agency in the past which didn't really do a good job - always busy, non-responsive, etc. so I reached out to Keyrenter, with a rather dubious idea of property managers and the level of help I would receive. This company and the company I used prior were like night and day difference. Keyrenters, from the moment I contacted them handled everything. Mat and his team were immediately responsive, acted with professionalism and courtesy, handled all the details that my former property managers always made me handle or never seemed to get around to. Within 3 weeks of my tenant moving out, the place was fixed up beyond what I could have imagined. The repairs were done at a reasonable cost by their team of contractors and the house is now in better condition than it has been for years. It immediately raised the value of the property. Within 3 or 4 weeks of contacting Mat and his team at Keyrenter, my house was fixed up, on the market and rented out at the price I wanted, all handled for me (I live out of state so even more important that my property managers are competent), taking the worry and concern out of it for me. I wouldn't hesitate to refer Keyrenter for their top notch customer service and professionalism. They not only promise, they deliver."
lisa g.
Investors (especially out of state!): Keyrenter is the only property management company I want to deal with from now on for the next 20+ years. Seriously! They are prompt and prepared to make any and all renovations to the property or properties as necessary without giving the owner a headache. Plus, they are enthusiastic about growing your portfolio and providing you tools in order to do so. Win, win, win. I am a VERY hard person to please and I am beyond impressed by how they do business. They really do PARTNER with you on your investment journey.
Rachel E
I self managed two properties until I couldn’t handle it anymore. Finally relented and gave Mat a try at Keyrenter and it’s been as easy as it could possibly be. They’re great at everything, but their responsiveness is seriously unreal. A tenant I know personally told me when they needed a plumber for a dishwasher repair, Mat had a plumber there THIRTY MINUTES later, and that was all drive time for the plumber to cross Tulsa. Unreal.
Nancy McCoy
Keyrenter Property Mgmt. Tulsa is a great company for all of your property management needs they are always professional in every aspect of property management. They also are quick to respond to any need. And they are a good value along with a totally courteous attitude in any regard that they are responding to in property management.
Cheryl Jones
I’m an out of state investor and these guys are always responsive and take care of everything very quickly. Love working with them!
Stephanie Soll
Mat and his team have been great and so responsive to any questions or issues I have. I was concerned about going through a property management company but they have exceeded my expectations. Thank you Mat for being so awesome...
Erin Bones
Mat and his staff has been very attentive to my needs as a client/property owner. They made the transition of becoming the property management company very easy and was professional in every aspect. Due to their professionalism and customer service, I recommended the company to a family to manager her property as well. If I acquire more properties, I will definitely utilize their service. They are a great representative on my behalf!
bobby ray
I initially hired Keyrenter to manage my rental property during a tough time I was going through that was life changing. That life changing event quickly became more challenging and I needed to sell my home fast. Mat Zalk, at Keyrenter, quickly found a buyer for my home and handled every detail. He kept in touch with me and all parties involved. Because of Mat, with Keyrenter, I am able to have a fresh start! I thank God for placing Mat Zalk with Keyrenter in my life during this life changing transition.
Kenyah Hill
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