The #1 Killer of Rental Property Profits

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If you are trying to rent out your home, there is one thing that if you get wrong... it will screw you over from the beginning: Vacancy.

If your house isn’t rented, you won’t make any money.

This can quickly cost you thousands of dollars. Maintenance cost, property management fees, etc. can of course eat into what you can make from your rental home, but they all dwarf in comparison to a property sitting vacant for even one month.

This might seem obvious, but the real question here is how do you prevent it?

The Best Way to Prevent Vacancies (Guaranteed)

There are lots of things you can do to ensure your home rents out quickly and to the right kind of tenants:
  • Pricing your property correctly. You’ll need to do market comparisons of properties in your area and decide an attractive price based on how it stacks up.
  • Market your property. This involves taking attractive pictures, putting your property up on dozens of rental websites, fielding inquiries and more.
  • Screening & selecting tenants. You then have to sift and sort all those inquiries, running a variety of background checks on each of the top candidates to ensure you get the right tenant for your home.
But here’s the key: you must do these things quickly and correctly. Time is literally money with the threat of a vacancy looming on the horizon.

If this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. Which is why it can take many owners quite a bit longer to accomplish this part.

And if it takes you a couple more weeks to get it all done than you think (and let’s be honest, what in life doesn’t), then that right there is the difference between your home being rented or it sitting vacant another month, collecting no rent.

But we can take that all off your hands and offer you a guaranteed result.

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Our trick? We’ve done it a million times and so we have a proven system for it. Things that make marketing your home, showing your home and screening potential tenants a lot of less work than you would have to put in on your own.

If you want to speak more about renting your home out (and doing it quickly!), then reach out to us today.

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